Sarah & Dippity Photography by Georgia Ross

Sarah & Dippity…like Serendipity, is a when something ordinary becomes something so much more! When a hobby turns into a passion, when one baby turns out to be twins! While reading a book by Tobi Tobias Serendipity to my double miracles, Sarah and Claire, Claire asks, “Mommy, am I Dippity?” I thought with a smile and answered, “Yes, sweetie! Yes you are!” When coming up for a name for my photography business this seemed like an obvious choice!
The goal of my photography is to catch the spirit of my subjects. I want you to always remember the adoring grin of a baby to their mother, a sassy, independent toddler yelling “cheeeeese”, sweet siblings hugging arm and arm, children’s giggles and smirks when their parents kiss, beautiful young girls and boys growing into amazing young women and men, big, lovable, wacky extended families, sweet baby bumps …the times of your lives!
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